Reasons why GTA: San Andreas is better than GTA 5

Here are the reasons why GTA: San Andreas appeals to fans more than GTA 5:

1.   Soundtrack

Radio stations in GTA: San Andreas (Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom)
Radio stations in GTA: San Andreas (Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom) Image credit to sportskeeda

The soundtrack of GTA: San Andreas is way better than that of GTA 5. Since the former is based in the 90s, the soundtrack does a great job of retaining the essence of that era in its songs. While driving a car, you can always put on some music as the playlist has a beautiful collection of songs that will trigger the correct amount of 90s nostalgia. There are many soundtracks in GTA San Andreas than in GTA 5. GTA San Andreas has many other features as well.

2.   Characters

Franklin and CJ (Image: YouTube)
Franklin and CJ (Image: YouTube) Inage credit to sportskeeda

Even after the release of GTA 5, players could not forget the characters of GTA: San Andreas. Carl Johnson (CJ) is still the most-loved character for many players in the whole series. The characters were more human in GTA: San Andreas and they taught players the value of family. The characters of GTA 5 are very toxic in general, and the only character of value in the game is Franklin, who is also distantly related to the world of GTA: San Andreas.CJ is still the most loved character in GTA San. It is Also requested by Rockstars to have it in GTA 6. The upcoming game...

Reasons why GTA: 5 is better than GTA San Andreas.

    1.   Graphics


     Since GTA 5 was released after GTA: San Andreas, it was expected that the game would improve its graphics significantly. And it did! The former has the best graphics in the series, and the characters look more realistic than before, which makes it visually more appealing to players.GTA 5 has more realistic graphics. But for GTA sanandreas some mods can make it playable as best graphics.

2.   Open world

                                          Image credit to sportskeeda

  Apart from killing people and completing missions, there are a lot of different activities that you can do in GTA 5. It offers players the biggest and most detailed map of the series. From playing tennis and golf to taking part in various adventurous activities, GTA 5 allows you to escape violence and relax when you want to. GTA: San Andreas, on the other hand, did not offer such a diverse option to its players.

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