YouTube is set to start deducting taxes from creators outside of the US on the earnings they generate from viewers in the US. The new policy will begin as early as June 2021, the Google-owned company said in an email to creators. YouTube has also asked creators to submit their tax information in AdSense “to determine the correct amount of taxes to deduct”. The changes apply to all creators outside of the US, including the ones in India. However, there won't be any similar tax deduction for creators living in the US.

Youtube will cut almost 24% of Tax from YouTubers...

YouTube has informed creators about the update and has asked them to provide their tax information in their AdSense account as early as possible. If a creator isn't able to provide the information by May 31, the company said that it might need to deduct up to 24 percent of their total earnings worldwide.

However, if a creator has provided their tax information, there will be a withholding between 0–30 percent on the earnings they generate from viewers in the US. The withholding rates notably depend on whether the country of the creator has a tax treaty relationship with the US. This means that there will be variation in the deduction of taxes for creators in different countries.

Specifically for India, the withholding rate is set at 15 percent of the total earnings a creator gets from viewers in the US.

Really Big update for youtube which is not earning too much... Bad update for them all 

You can also say to youtube on Twitter

Here are some sample Tweets.

So now you have to pay taxes on Goole youtube earnings Which is really a big update, especially for small YouTubers. 

You have to pay it urgently or your Adsense account may be banned...


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