Hi guys welcome back to another new article. This article is about an btc , satosis and RUB earning proof. Thos is legit earning website where you can earn money .Earning on this website is really simple. It also gets millions of impressions per day and you can also get many clicks on your website.



How to earn ?

You can simply earn from this website by giving clicks to other websites. It depends upon how  much websites you click. If you click more websites you will earn more money. At very first day you will not been shown with many ads because your rating will be low hence you will not earn enough of money. As you earn 100satosis your earning will increase by 0.01 
If you get 10000 satosis your earing will increase by 1 point. As your points/rating will increase you will get more money. You can also earn by opening short links it  will really help you while earning money . 

Minimum withdrawal ?

So many of you will be thinking what is minimum withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount in faycetpay is 1500 satosis . But for Russian rubble it is 1 Russian rubble in payeer wallet. I have obtaning Russian rubble in my wallet.

it take 3 days for withdrawl.

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